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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rods for sale

Ballista 12ft 2.5lb x 3 - £500 £420 (inc p&p) Now sold

Set of three built for myself and never used once.

Gloss brown blanks, Alconite rings (Rover Ringing, six plus tip - 30mm to 12mm) whipped in dark brown with silver tipping at handle, NPS reel seats with stainless steel collars, parallel butt grip with stainless steel collar and butt button. Butts and tips marked with identification dots.

Would have sold for £570 (if built now would be £600 following recent component price increases). Sensible offers considered but will not split.

Click pics to enlarge

Interceptor 1lb 10oz x 2 - £160 (inc p&p) [SOLD]

Non standard handles with KDPS-16 reel seats (stainless steel hoods), standard rings. Tips were built in 2006, butts in 2008. Butts and tips marked with identification dots. Tips have seen little use (on different butt sections), the two butts are all but unused.

Will not split.

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